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Discover the best-kept secret of the Pacific Northwest – the Dungeness Barn House Insiders Club. If you’re a local resident or a facilitator seeking a unique venue for your next event or private dinner party, look no further. The Insiders Club is crafted specifically for residents of the Olympic Peninsula, providing them with an exclusive opportunity to explore the charm and beauty of the Dungeness Barn House @ Two Crows Farm without the requirement of booking overnight accommodations.

Our aim is twofold: not only do we want to provide our local community with an opportunity to discover the enchantment of our venue, but we also strive to uplift and highlight the diverse array of small businesses in our area, especially during the quieter tourist season. As a member, we invite you to unleash your creativity by crafting your own event. We’re actively seeking facilitators and anyone eager to share their wisdom and expertise with others. Whether you’re an artist, cook, writer, meditator, or just wanting to gather with friends we welcome you to create and host a small group of up to eight individuals. Reach out to me directly to bring your vision to life and create a memorable gathering.

Membership is free, any facilitator or local resident can join by simply filling out the easy application on our website  below, or by emailing us directly with your request, including the type of event you would like to host. Insiders members can book events from October—April. Members also receive year-round discounts on overnight accommodations for themselves or visiting family and friends. For ticketed events open to the community, Insider's Club Members will be the first to know. From mocktail-making classes, art workshops, meditation retreats, pop-up saunas, massages, and'll want to be on the list.



The Mood is Consistently Welcoming

Tammy W

I cannot say enough positive things about the events I’ve attended at the Dungeness Barnhouse. The ambiance is always so inviting, the food is delicious, and every single detail is lovingly attended to. The views are heart-warming, the grounds are ‘walk-about’ worthy, the mood is consistently welcoming, inviting, warm.
The layers of historical info is enthralling, as are the grounds, the waterfront views, and my favorite, the staircase down the bluff with a pausing-point mid-way down to stop and watch the water, sip a beverage, or just simply be in awe of your surroundings.
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